According to KCRG, "Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is running out of time on a bill to expand Iowa's medical marijuana law."

The Governor has to either sign or veto the bill by Monday, May 27th. Yesterday, a large group of supporters of the bill visited the governor. They delivered the bill to her in person and asked that she signs it.

An assistant to the governor told the media that she is still reviewing all of the information of the bill. As of today, May 25th, the bill has NOT been signed.

That's all the news we have at this time, but we will continue to follow this story and provide updates throughout the weekend. To read the full article, please visit this link courtesy of KCRG TV 9.

If you ask me, this should be signed immediately. Medical marijuana can be used for pain, nausea, anxiety, muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, sleep problems, autism and much more.

Let's get this done today, it's time.

[Source of Article: KCRG TV 9]

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