O.K., so there is no Pepto Beer [that I'm aware of]. Check out these beer taste testers from Buzzfeed. Does that second example look to you like a nice cold bottle of Pepto?

Bill Feld of Marion won our FeBREWary Booze Cruise to Rock Island for the Quad Cities On Tap event with Townsquare Media.

My friend Howie used to say "if you need fruit in your beer, you're not a beer drinker." Wonder what he'd say about that nice dark pour that smells like Reece's Pieces.

The best beer I ever tasted was in Moab Utah. Back in 1995 me and some friends went mountian biking around Canyonlands and surrounding areas. Some of the most stunning scenery I've ever seen. It's a mountian biking paradise. We got lost in the canyons, but I digress.

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A little brewery in downtown Moab called Eddie McStiff's Restaurant used to serve up a beer called Canyon Creme Ale. As their website reveals, the brand is "retired." What a shame. Butt-chafed and thirsty in Moab? There used to be only one cure. CCA. Don't know what to advise now.

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Click here for more info on the Quad Cities On Tap Beer Festival. We hope Bill and his friends have a great time. It always pays to enter into the 94 Zone to score free stuff from KRNA. Ground transport on April 18 provided by Express Limousine. Now that's a designated drive for the ages!