We're seeing a lot of news about vaping related illnesses and deaths and wonder what impact it's having on Iowans who use vaping in place of cigarettes.

Governments are moving quickly to further restrict or outright ban the sale of vaping products. The CEO of vaping product company JUUL just resigned, and mainstream advertising of vape products is rapidly disappearing.

It comes as no surprise to some that many of the vaping deaths seem to be linked to the use of black market products containing TCH, among other chemicals.

But nicotine delivery is the primary reason that vaping developed. As cigarette smoking decreased, young adults turned to flavored vape products and now find themselves hooked on "liquid" nicotine.

Regardless of how its ingested, is any form of nicotine a good idea? Former smokers and tobacco users will tell you how difficult it is to quit any nicotine product. While users admit it can help relives and reduces stress, it can also increase heart rate, an may cause resistance to chemo treatments.

It seems we're entering a time when vaping may backlash as smart consumers kick the nicotine habit. Maybe it's time to kick vaping to the curb like we did with cigarettes

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