This story has it all: Sports. Power. Prestige. And money.

The drama continues into the Polk County courthouse over the dismissal of University of Iowa's former associate athletics director Jane Meyer.

Ms. Meyer filed a discrimination suit against the university. But according to the Gazette, the university claims Meyer was not dismissed because of her gender or sexual orientation. Instead it was because she angered the coaches, including Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz who said "we can't work with her".

George Carroll, the assistant Iowa Attorney General who is defending the UI in the discrimination trial said "While Ms. Meyer did an outstanding job in many areas, over time issues arose with her communications style and issues with others — essentially with coaches over facilities"

College sports is big business, and many of these jobs pay pretty big money. There is also the very real issue of big personalities and the strong ego that can lead to power struggles.

The trial continues this week. We'll see how it all plays out.

[source: The Gazette]

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