I took a quick trip to Las Vegas over the weekend for business. I flew to 'Sin City' to film a couple of episodes for the television show I work on. This sounds like a fun trip, right? You would think so....Vegas is one big party! Even though I was there for work, I thought I MIGHT have a little fun.

But when I arrived, I remembered all of the things I hate about Las Vegas. Let's start with the weather. When I landed, it was 114 degrees. It felt like you had just stuck your head inside an oven. But it's a "dry heat' the locals tell me. Whatever.

Next was the traffic. It took me an hour for my Uber driver to get me to my hotel. People honking, traffic jams, and the inside of the car never cooled down because of how hot is was.

My hotel was over capacity and extremely noisy. People were running all over the place drinking, smoking and gambling. I almost got ran over by a little old lady who was on the way to an ATM machine. She was on a mission...from God.

My room smelled like a giant cigarette. I could hear the sounds of slot machines going off while I was laying in bed. A party next door kept me up for most of the second night and I still wasn't adapting to the two hour time change. I'm having a blast so far.

I'm in Las Vegas, I might as well gamble. I put a twenty dollar bill in a slot machine and it was gone before I knew what happened. I went to a black jack table and I lost the first five hands I played. I felt like Chevy Chase in Vegas Vacation. I couldn't catch a break.

It was time to head home and I was ready. Let's get to the airport and get me back to Cedar Rapids...I missed my cat and I'm guessing he's pretty hungry at this point.

When I got to the airport, I quickly realized my flight was delayed. I had a tight connection, so I knew I would never make the second leg of the trip. I sat in the McCarran airport for 5 hours before my plane left. It was horrible.

My flight eventually departed and I finally got home around 2:30 a.m. My alarm went off three hours later and it was time to go to work.

So, in a nutshell -  I'm not a huge fan of the great city of Las Vegas. As I write this blog, I'm reminded I have to do it all over again in a few months from now. But who knows, maybe my luck will change...but I doubt it.

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