Iowa coach Fran McCaffery has been suspended by the University for the next two games. That means he won't be at the game this Saturday in Iowa City. The Hawks take on Rutgers starting at 4 p.m.

Play-by-play man Gary Dolphin is also on the bench. His suspension will run for the rest of the season. With that said, these two have something in common. I'm sure they both want to watch the game, so why not watch it together!

Dolphin lives in Dubuque and I assume Fran lives in Coralville or Iowa City. They could meet at a sports bar right in the middle. How about Anamosa? I know just the place!

Deb's Sports Bar is located at 210 West Main Street. It's a dive bar, but it's pretty damn cool! The guys can get some cold drinks and enjoy the game. Deb's has big screen TV's, and it's a very inexpensive place to eat and drink. And Coach might be on a budget after paying his 10k fine for last week's outburst!

Anamosa is also pretty chill. These "celebrities" will most likely not be bothered while watching the game. Deb's also has a foosball table. Dolph and Fran could play a few game at halftime! How fun would that be?  I'm sure the patrons would get a kick out of Gary commentating the match and Fran's face getting beat red when he loses.

If you know Gary or Fran, please forward this email to them. I'm sure Deb's in Anamosa would love to have them!



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