The Gazette reports the City of Cedar Rapids will turning on the I-380 traffic cameras sometime soon. Well, the short answer is "soon"...but just not real soon.

Despite all the moves from the Iowa courts and legislature, local government officials feel confident that they can flip the switch back on and begin raking in the big bucks, all in the name of safety. But exactly when it happens is still undetermined.

Gazette writer B.A. Morelli asked Cedar Rapids City Manager Jeff Pomeranz, who said  “I don’t have an exact day, but within the next 30 days we plan to present an ordinance to City Council for consideration... it doesn’t mean it will be turned on right away.”

Those in the know say don't worry, we will get plenty of advance notice and a grace period before real fines start to be issued.

And from the public's point of view, it seems we're all just getting used to the idea that the cameras will indeed be turned back on, and we will again be charged fines again without much chance of a legal victory in sight.

Again, the best advice is to just slow down a bit.

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