If you clicked on this article to yell at me for saying flavor that's totally fair, no one would refer to types of gas as flavors.

I'm someone who laughs the hardest at the smallest thing and dumbest things. This small thing had me laughing for way too long, but it also made my day.

Also before you ask my favorite flavor if Super Unleaded.

I had a long drive to Cedar Rapids, and while I was filling up, I saw this note.

Needless to say, I was having a long day yesterday, and to grab some gas. As I pulled up, I laughed to myself, clearly, this note belongs on an out-of-order soda/pop machine, but I mean technically it works here too... More or less.

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So I once again ask you... What's your favorite flavor of gas?

Long story short, I was having a bad day, and this one phrase made it better. No matter how stressed you get always let the little joys, or fun help make your day better.

If you drive a lot, and those gas prices are causing you some stress (I know that feeling,) and a funny note can't fix it... You can win up to $10,000 with us, and Cash Cow! 

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