To some degree we are all intrigued by reports of UFOs. The idea that "we're not alone" is both comforting and terrifying at the same time.

But now it may be the knowledge of identified flying objects that is more worrisome, as U.S. Military Surveillance Balloons are now hovering over the heads of six U.S. states, including Iowa.

And it has the ACLU asking a few questions of our U.S. Government.

CBS2 News reports that up to 25 military surveillance balloons are being launched from South Dakota, and will drift through parts of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri and Illinois.

The Federal Communications Commission says the balloons are meant to provide persistent surveillance to locate drug trafficking and homeland security threats.

So if there's nothing to hide, nothing to worry about...right? And it's all in the name of public safety, which of course is at least partially true.

But you don't have to be a hard-lefty to feel a little bit more "exposed" these days, no matter how good of a goody-two-shoes you may be.

So much for sunbathing nude out in the privacy of your own back yard. You might want to cover up those "houseplants" too.

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