I don't normally play the lottery but I might just purchase a ticket this week. It's a dream that will only cost me a couple bucks....why not?

The Mega Millions jackpot has swelled to the amount of $272 million dollars. The cash option is $161 million....that's $161 million dollars! When you think about it, that's SO MUCH MONEY! It's money that could buy you anything in the world.

So, if you won, how would you spend the cash?

For me, I wouldn't go too crazy. Pay off the house, build another one and travel the world. But I wouldn't be waiting in line at the airport. I would want a plane. I'd store it at the Eastern Iowa Airport and spend the rest of my days traveling. After all, you can't be a COOL millionaire unless you have your own jet.

I wouldn't quit my job at the radio station....no way. I enjoy what I do and no amount of money would make me feel any different. I'm lucky that I do something I love. I would totally show up the very next day and be ready to work my scheduled air shift.

What would you spend the money on? Comment below and we can discuss your answers on the morning shows here at Townsquare Media!

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