We had a fun topic today on The KRNA Morning Show. We asked our listeners, "What were you forced to do as a kid and hated it?" We had over a dozen phone calls from people all over Eastern Iowa.

My favorite was Dave who told us his mother insisted on cutting his hair.....One time she almost cut his ear off! Kurt from Cedar Rapids hated having to participate in school concerts. I can't blame him, I hated those too. Bill told us he was forced to play the tuba. He wanted to play the drums but his parents said no....it was the tuba or nothing. (Poor fella)

My biggest complaint as a kid was shopping for school cloths. My mother was relentless, she made me try on EVERYTHING! After trying on the cloths, I had to show her what they looked like and how they fit. I felt like I was at a fashion show for F's sake. It was awful, year after year we did this....It finally stopped right around my 17th birthday. (Don't tell anybody, please)

I also was forced to do daily chores. No kid likes to do anything around the house and I was no different. My dad would make me clean the garage once a month and I absolutely hated it.

What were forced to do as a kid and hated it? Comment below and we can discuss this on The KRNA Morning Show!

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