Enough is enough, according to a LOT of people in Cedar Rapids. From car washes to banks, to endless construction leading to inconvenient road closures, to bars, convenience stores, and car dealers, we asked you what Cedar Rapids does NOT need more of, and you had your thoughts.

  • Kevin Boge: "Banks, hospitals, clinics"
  • Randi Chupp: "No more credit unions and nail salons please!"
  • Robin Elliott Freshour:  "Mattress stores, Car Washes, and Pizza Joints"

This gentleman unloads on an issue that a certain segment of our population faces:

  • Ricky Bartlett:  "Downtown outdoor restaurant seating in the bloody STREET! Limited parking as there is, especially a lack of handicap parking."
Julie James
Julie James

New strip malls going up while unfilled ones still exist? Also a problem many feel Cedar Rapids needs to get a handle on:

  • Jennifer Miller Neuhaus: "Strip malls, empty ones at that!!! Cell phone stores!! Banks and gas stations. They're literally on every corner all over town!! Walgreens. Fast food joints!!!"
  • Carrie Jennings: "Strip malls with EMPTY retail space!"
  • Jordan T. Fraley:  "Banks, drug stores, strip malls, nail salons, chicken wing/fried chicken joints (I’m looking at Edgewood Rd 👀), fast food..."
  • Karla Kramer Grauberger: "Roundabouts, incomplete road construction."

Oh, and maybe the hotel market here is already oversaturated:

  • Rose Marie White:  "Hotels, motels, sports areas. She also added the ever-present road closures to the list."

Clearly still a hot-button issue:

  • Barbara Olive: "Cameras lol"

Some were more humorous:

  • Tina Pompilio: "Corn"

Finally, and I resemble that remark:

  • Deb Brown: "Dad jokes from you-know-who!"

There you have it. Too much of a good or bad thing is often more than enough. Feel free to add your thoughts.


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