Still being relatively new to Iowa, I am always thrilled to discover more and more about what make this such a great place to live.

Of course it starts with people. People who care. People who give a damn. The way our Eastern Iowa neighbors pulled together to battle the recent flood is a great example of the kind of people who are proud to be called "Iowans". That kind of spirit isn't as common in other parts of the world as you might hope it would be.

But with the recent floods keeping my mind focused on Cedar Rapids, it is important for me to remember that our station covers a wild area and in fact, is actually licensed to Iowa City. And I feel I have been negligent in learning more about this community. So I'm doing some reserach and have found out plenty.

Here are a few Things That Make Iowa City Amazing, and in no particular order:

Iowa City Was The First Capital City

Back in 1841, Iowa City was the boss. Then in 1857, Des Moines snagged the title. It's been a love-hate relationship ever since.

Iowa City Was Ranked 3rd Best City For Singles

Fellas, if you're looking for that special someone and you wanna put a ring on it, Iowa City is the place to be.

The University Of Iowa Was Ranked The Top Party School In The Nation

The 2013 survey said "You're #1!" And your parents always said "it's good to have goals". I think that says it all, don't you?

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