Hey, everyone, Jaymz Larson here again! Everywhere I go, and I travel a lot, I run into people who hate something about where they're from. And it seems they always have a pretty solid reason why.

If you hate something about Cedar Rapids, I want to know what it is. Do you think there's nothing to do? Is it the 5th smell of Cedar Rapids? Do you hate the traffic cameras on Interstate 380?

As for me, my biggest issue with Cedar Rapids is the food. You can't get a first class steak at a high end restaurant after 10:00 p.m. Everything shuts down too early and I hate it! I also wish we had MORE steakhouse options besides the chain restaurants.

Let me know what you think......What's the worst thing about Cedar Rapids? Comment below and we'll discuss your answers later this week on The KRNA Morning Show!

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