Daylight Saving Time ends tonight at 2:00 a.m. The outdated and inefficient system that is supposed to help everyone from farmers to schoolkids has proven to be a failure in my opinion, but our society trudges on with this bi-annual ritual regardless.

The one nice thing about autumn is that we "fall back" and regain the hour we let slip away in the spring. Remember the old saying "spring forward, fall back" - in the spring we move the clocks one hour ahead. The effect causes the day to seem "longer" meaning the time that sunset occurs is one hour later than normal.

When we "fall back" we add the hour into the middle of the night, making tomorrow November 3rd a 25-hour day.

So what do you plan to do with your extra hour this weekend?

Most of us just sleep it off, and thus another hour is wasted away providing no real pleasure for the pain it extracted last spring when our Sunday was shortened to a 23-hour day.

For me, I plan on binge watching the View, Nancy Grace, and Say Yes to the Dress.

OK, that a lie. If you've read this far I should be honest.

I'll be preparing for a busy week at the radio station, coordinating winners in the Bret Michaels hometown heroes concert, announcing a new radio flyaway contest Monday, and finally breaking news on another major concert coming in the Spring of 2020...just in time for another round of Daylight Saving Time.


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