Head Hawk Kirk Ferentz did a solid this week by taking a $50,000 pay cut in order to make a new hire. So, that means his salary went from $2,470,000 to $2,420,000. That's a whole lot of green, my friends! How much is that really?

Here's a a little basic math. If you thought your paycheck looked small...get ready. Most of us get paid every two weeks. Here's what it breaks down to:

  • $2,420,000 divided by 26 = $93,077 per pay period
  • Taxes (~35%) = -$32,577
  • Take home pay = $60,500 every two weeks.

That's a lot of scratch! I gotta tell you, I'd do just fine with that. This Saturday, the Hawks take on the Wyoming Cowboys at 11:00 a.m. Typically these games last about four hours. Based on a 40 hour work week...which is probably VERY low compared to what he actually works, Kirk will bring home $3,025 each Saturday.

So, what did your last paycheck look like? Yeah.....me too.

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