The nice thing about a trip to St. Louis is that it’s only a 4.5 hour drive.  That’s the last nice thing I’ll say about that city!  I took a wrong turn and ended up across the river in East St. Louis, where my wife and I took on enemy fire.  We got back on the Missouri side, only to be chased around the city by an armored tank driven by former Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog.  Oh wait, that’s the Brian Williams version of my weekend in St. Louis.

My weekend was actually a good time.  The few degrees latitude to the south seemed to really make a difference.  St. Louis had no snow on the ground, sunshine and temperatures in the 60s.  Plus, the city is so easy to get around.  Saturday consisted of taking a look around the city.  I’m a Cubs fan, but I can admit the Cardinals do some things right.  Ballpark Village, just north of Busch Stadium, is a great place to eat, drink, enjoy live music, and watch sports on the biggest indoor TV screen in the Midwest.  From Busch Stadium, it was just a short walk down South Broadway to find a few bars featuring blues music.  We opted for The Angry Beaver.  Yes, a dive bar, but you can find a Hooters anywhere.

On Sunday, we went to Scottrade Center for some NHL hockey… the Blues were hosting our favorite team, the Blackhawks.  It was a pretty entertaining game, made even more entertaining by our team coming out on top 4-2.

As a Cubs fan, I had to do the right thing outside Busch Stadium