First of all, we just want to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (a little early) to all the beautiful, wonderful, angelic moms out there! We (literally) wouldn't be here without you.

Since moving to Iowa, Mother's Day is typically a little bittersweet for me. I love my mom more than any person on this entire earth and I hate that I don't usually have the opportunity to go home and spend the day with her. Luckily, we just went on vacation together last week, so she's sick of me, anyway :)

If your mom is an important part of your life, make sure you give her a big hug today and let her know how much you love her. We also recommend a thoughtful gift.

In honor of Sunday being Mother's Day, we here at KHAK, KRNA, and KDAT put together a gallery of photos of us with our mommas. We would like you to do the same! Post your photos in the comments below!

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