A new study reveals the biggest scientific discovery to come out of each state, and the winner for Iowa is something we've never heard of before!

When it comes to science, we can firmly say that we are definitely not experts. Business Insider did a study to figure out what the biggest scientific discovery is in all 50 states, so of course we had to see what the winner was for Iowa. I feel a little bit dumb, because I've never even heard of ours! The winner was from the chemistry category: quasicrystals. If you're just as confused as I am, here's the description given by Business Insider:

"Dan Shechtman, an Iowa State professor of materials science and engineering, won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his 1982 discovery of quasicrystals — structures that are ordered, but never repeat themselves. These materials were considered impossible, and forced scientists to change the way they saw matter."

To check out the rest of the winners for all 50 states, click HERE.

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