I think there's something in the Cedar River... maybe the drinking supply water? In Waterloo, Iowa Lottery winners keep on piling up! Edwin Perez Fajardo is the latest Waterloo-ite to score a huge payday. And I mean a HUGE payday! Edwin won $100,000. That's a whole lotta zeroes good sir!

Once scratch of a $100,000 Mega Crossword ticket

With one simple scratch, Edwin Perez Fajardo won the grand prize of the popular '$100,000 Mega Crossword' scratch ticket. The ticket costs $10 to play, and has overall odds of 1 in 3.30. There's a grand total of 38 $100,000 prizes. Well, there was til Edwin snagged himself one of those big daddy's. The overall odds on winning the $100K jackpot is 1 in 120,100.80.

Big winner? YESWAY

Edwin snagged his ticket from the Yesway at 1976 Franklin St. in Waterloo. Other recent Waterloo winners include Roberta Gray who grabbed herself a 'Four Corners Crossword' ticket and picked-up $20,000. Before her, Melanie Wagner won a $30,000 prize for playing the Iowa lottery's 'Lucky 3' scratch ticket. Ohh, and there's also Tina Rodgers purchased a 'Jewel Game Book' ticket and also won $100,000. So Edwin ends the streak of ladies winning, but continues expanding the Waterloo winners circle.

Is this the end of the Waterloo winning streak that has dominated the month of April?

Edwin Perez Fajardo/Iowa Lottery
Edwin Perez Fajardo/Iowa Lottery

Why do I have a pretty good feeling it's NOT the end of the winning streak? Maybe it's because the odds are more winners will come out of Waterloo very soon. Even if the month of May is slightly less lucky, I'd wager we'll see more winners. Also, I am out of gambling puns so, I'll see myself out.

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