A Waterloo high school science teacher was put on administrative leave Friday after he allegedly posted a creepy comment on Facebook directed at climate change activist Greta Thunberg, who was holding a rally that morning in Iowa City.

Matt Baish posted his highly disturbing comment “don’t have my sniper rifle“ as response to another Facebook post asking “who’s going?” (to the rally)

I can’t imagine what gave Mr. Baish the idea that his comment was an appropriate response. It was appalling. It sure as hell wasn't clever or funny.

It could be considered a threat. It sure sounds like one.

Isn't it about time we all understand that “jokes“ about harming, injuring or killing others are not jokes at all.

And to think he’s a science teacher. A grown ass man saying something like that about a 16 year old. How sad it is to think this kind of attitude prevails in our country today.

Thinly veiled threats against school kids or anyone should not be tolerated. There is simply no excuse for this.

So Waterloo, if the allegation is found to be true, I urge you to dismiss this "teacher" and let the lesson be "your words DO matter". 

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