The Marshall County Iowa Sheriff's Office reported a near miss on the highway that could have been deadly. It's enough to make you cringe just watching the video. And it's a scary reminder of just how quickly a moment of distraction can be fatal.

In a video posted on Facebook the sheriff's department said one of their deputy sheriffs narrowly missed a head-on collision this week with  an inattentive driver.

CBS 2 News reported that nobody was injured and only minor damage occurred with a sideswipe collision. The driver received a citation for operating on the wrong side of the highway.

Watch the video and let yourself feel the anxiety of seeing a head-on collision nearly occur simply because someone was probably texting or talking, eating or fiddling with the radio. Then ask yourself is it worth it? Do I want to risk my life or the lives of others over something so insignificant.

If your answer is "no" then consider this a lesson learned.

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