On Sunday, Kaylynn Bensaad posted on Facebook something wonderful that happened while she was out skating with friends.

Officer Shawn Hagarty from the Cedar Rapids Police Department stopped by as they were skateboarding....And then this happened:

We were really worried we did something wrong...but all of my worries washed away when the officer rolled down his window and made a comment. “I bet you can’t trick like me.” We laughed and thought he was just going to pull off, he ended up pulling over and asking for one of our boards. He ended up laughing with us, skating around and attempting some, not half bad, kick flips.


Watch Police Officer Shawn Hagarty of Cedar Rapids Police Department make a positive lifelong impression on this group of young adults, by just being himself.

In her Facebook post, Kaylynn went on to say:

We are so glad this officer on patrol didn’t make the assumption most officers would seeing a group of grungy looking teenagers this honestly was the highlight of my day.

This truly is what our community is all about. We salute officer Shawn Hagarty of the Cedar Rapids Police Department and say thank you for your service!

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