Just how bad was 2020? It was so bad that our neighbors to the east in the Land of Lincoln spent a lot of green trying to forget it all.

According to the Chicago Tribune, folks in Illinois are rolling in the green. Just released figures show marijuana sales in were sky-high.

How high? Illinois marijuana sales surpassed One Billion Dollars in 2020.

That's higher than Jeff Spicoli was at his last Ridgemont High reunion!

With a population of about 12 and a half million people, one billion in sales makes the Illinois marijuana purchase per capita about $80 per person - that's good for about a quarter ounce a each, tax included!

The Chicago Tribune reports that Illinois generated $669 million in recreational weed sales, with more than $331 million in medical sales. And those figures are only from sales through November 2020; it doesn't even include December sales. Add some more to that total for those who bought grass to give as Christmas gifts.

Holy smokes, that's what I call a Happy Holiblaze!

If you don't think a billion dollars is lot of cabbage, consider this:

A billion equals one million times one thousand (1,000,000 x 1,000)

That's 1 with 9 zeros behind it: 1,000,000,000

If you earned $100,000 a year for ten years, you'd have one million dollars. It would take you 10,000 years to earn a billion.

You could combine the wealth of 999 millionaires and still not be at one billion dollars.

So what's missing here? The state of Iowa, THAT'S what missing...as in MISSING OUT! Time to wake up your Iowa legislators and tell them to legalize weed now.

H/T: original source site - Riley O'Neil, WROK, Rockford

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