They are the familiar, friendly faces on the local TV channels. They look you directly in the eye as they tell you the latest news, sports score or weather forecast.

If you spot one out in public while enjoying a night on the town or simply out grocery shopping, chances are you'll turn your head for a second glance.

And we all have a favorite. The one we like best.

Tell us who is your favorite Cedar Rapids TV New Personality and why.

It could be the poised news anchor who delivers a seasoned newscast with graceful ease.

The street reporter who is able to give all the facts with calm confidence.

The sportscaster whose commentary is well-delivered without playing favorites.

The weather person who can size up a storm and break it down to help you plan your next steps.

Tell us who is your favorite TV personality, now through January 22.

We'll list your top choices on January 23 for a week of final round voting to crown our champion as Cedar Rapids Best Local TV Personality.

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