Legend has it that the Matsell Bridge near Viola, Iowa is haunted by ghostly spirits who aren't all too welcoming.

Many locals have told us if you stop your car on the bridge (and keep its gears in neutral) unseen forces will silently push your vehicle across the bridge. Others say if you're not respectful, the spirits might attempt to smash your car windows!

KRNA Morning Show hosts Jaymz Larson and Mike Ferris are the two skeptic knuckleheads that set out to disprove this story, and were shocked at what happened when they arrived.

If anyone tells you that's it's all just a fake, that's their issue. But here are some pretty convincing believers:

Quote from Hauntedplaces.org
Quotes from Hauntedplaces.org

Full disclosure: We understand now that it may actually be a legal violation of the Matsell Bridge Natural Area to actually stop on the bridge (since it is a legal roadway) so we do NOT suggest, or condone you attempting this experiment on your own.