Some wild dashcam video shows a van being hauled by a flatbed truck not making it under an overpass in Broward County, Florida.

The video was captured on what looks to be a Tesla's multi-camera recording software, showing in front of them, a truck with a flatbed trailer hauling a couple of those Cheverolet Express vans.

Local 10 News via YouTube
Local 10 News via YouTube

“Boom. There was a cloud of dust, it looked like the whole thing exploded,” Brian McConnell, who witnessed the crash, told Local 10 News.

Other drivers, including the vehicle recording the crash, had to swerve to avoid the debris from the overpass and the Chevy Express van.

Local 10 News via YouTube
Local 10 News via YouTube

Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Indiana Miranda said on Monday that the van was struck by the vehicle driving behind the car hauler, after it was knocked off of the trailer.

“My gosh, if we had not been a little further behind keeping a safe distance, we could have hit that,” McConnell said. “I mean a split second, it really is a split second all of the different in the world.”

McConnell and his family did stop to make sure everybody involved was okay. No injuries were reported, according to Florida Highway Patrol.

“We thanked our lucky stars everything had turned out without anything more serious than scaring the bejesus out of people,” said McConnell.

Citations were issued to the truck driver carrying the vans on his trailer, and the damage to the overpass has since been repaired, according to Local 10 News. 

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