Because of past problems, state officials are considering banning alcohol use at two local state beaches.

The rule being proposed would apply at Lake Macbride between North Liberty & Solon and Pleasant Creek near Palo. Alcohol would be banned at the beaches, however, it still would be allowed in the campgrounds.

Five of Iowa's 72 state parks have accounted for nearly two-thirds of the alcohol-related incidents. Those five were Lake MacBride, Pleasant Creek, Gull Point at Milford, Backbone at Dundee and Lake Manawa near Council Bluffs.

According to Ranger Gwen Prentice, who used to work at Lake Macbride, "the beach went from family time with kids to a bunch of young people drinking, yelling and screaming obscenities, fighting, and people having sex in the water."

Past efforts to ban alcohol at state parks have failed. This new rule is still waiting for approval by the Natural Resource Commission and also Governor Terry Branstad.

[via Sioux City Journal]