Every town, neighborhood, and community has its "spot"--a place you take your friends and family, a place you recommend to out-of-town guests. Maybe you like the food, the drinks, the people, the location, or a combination of all four. Whatever the reason, it's disappointing when your "spot" isn't around anymore.

This week we heard that two restaurants to our north were closing. Stolen Brothers BBQ in West Union, IA will be shutting its doors on Sunday February 17th. Stolen Brothers posted an official announcement on Facebook earlier this week, thanking the community for its support:

The good news? Stolen Brothers isn't shutting down entirely; they will still be catering, selling products online and working at area fairs and festivals.

It was also announced that Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom will be closing its College Square Mall location this Saturday. Old Chicago opened in Cedar Falls in 2009, and is one of seven locations in Iowa.

Take some time to enjoy these local spots up north while you still can.


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