Donald Trump is crashing a Homecoming party in Urbandale this weekend. One of UHS's students is looking for a quicker pathway to class.


I'll bet Brady's Mom got a kick out of that one.

Some people in the Hawkeye State think the crush of politicians is just a little too much to take. I like all the attention Iowa gets every 4 years. My friend John works at NBC News in New York and we always gather for what we call our "quadrennial get-together." He covers the caucus week for the network and I stop over to Des Moines to watch the frenzy unfold.

Kudos to Urbandale High Government teacher Ann La Pietra. She wanted to get her students involved first-hand in the political process. So, she went right to where her students live: social media. La Pietra wanted her students to lure a candidate into their homecoming dance. The Trump Camp took notice. Now, The Donald is going to be there when the The King and The Queen are crowned. Hopefully, Brady Ruch gets that helicopter ride at the #USPresidance.,

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