The 34th annual Trekfest celebration will commence in Riverside on June 29th and 30th The festival, presented by the Riverside Area Community Club and The City of Riverside, is garnering a ton of buzz this year thanks to the new bronze statue of Captain Kirk.

Photo: Trekfest
Photo: Trekfest

Riverside, Iowa, is the FUTURE birthplace of Captain Kirk. Kirk is not scheduled to be born for another couple hundred years, but a bronze Captain Kirk statue will be unveiled Saturday during Trekfest. The ceremony will begin at noon.

Join John and Maria Jose Tenuto, two Star Trek Historians, for an interactive, multi-media lectures on The Making of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and a Tribute to Leonard Nimoy.

In addition to the Star Trek events, you can look forward to live music from Swing Crew, Abbie Callahan, Chautauqua Road Band, Awful Purdies and Brutal Republic. There will be community meals, bouncy houses, a demolition derby, overnight co-ed softball games, sand volleyball, a 5k race, fireworks, and much more.

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