The above photo is a picture of a bet my friend Mark Kroon just made in Vegas. As you can see, if the Patz score EXACTLY 46 points, he wins a bunch of cash. The odds take his $100 bet and turn it into $12,600. It's a long shot, but it could happen.

Every year you hear about crazy Super Bowl Prop bets. I downloaded the complete list and got tired of looking at them around page 45. Most are crazy, weird bets, but the public loves to gamble and today is a big day for that.

I found three 'prop-bets' that I think could pay-off tonight when the Patz square off against the Eagles. If you decide to make a wager, please remember me when they hit.

Good luck!

1--Player to flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct: (YES PAYS 4-1)

I love this bet. Especially when you have Philly in the game. I have a feeling, late in the game and down by 20, an Eagle player will get nailed with this offence.


2--Will either team score 40 points: (YES PAYS 7-1)

I have New England winning the contest 42-10. With that said, I think this is an easy choice and a nice payoff of $700 for a $100 bet.


3--Player to score first TD (Rob Gronkowski PAYS 6-1)

I feel 'Gronk' will have not only score the first touchdown, but he'll have two more after. He's ready for the game, and I like the odds. A $50 wager will return you $300. Not a bad day's work, if you ask me.

Enjoy the game!

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