We love to search for answers to all of our questions, don't we? We simply type something in our URL, usually Google or Edge, and then a plethora of sites pop up for us to choose from. And let's be honest, we don't read or skim just one article rather we dive into a few to find our answer and even confirm or solidify it from other sources.

One of the best sites that virtually always pops up and so many of us use it to expand our knowledge of a subject is Wikipedia. I know I often go straight to Wikipedia and search directly there.

According to NPR, our English Wikipedia had more than 84 billion views this year in 2023 alone. So it's not much of a surprise that Wikipedia has an end-of-the-year ranking of their most viewed articles. Essentially, according to NPR, this list tells the story of what we, as a society wanted to know the most about, and that this, the world's largest encyclopedia if you will, has the answers.

Did you search and read about any of the top articles of 2023 according to the Wikipedia Foundation? By the way, the Wikipedia Foundation is the nonprofit that hosts Wikipedia.

Top 5 Articles

Top 5 Sports Articles 

Top 5 Film and TV Articles 

Top 5 Celebrity Articles 

If you'd like to see the Top 25 of 2023 and even archives of previous years then click here. By the way, according to NPR, the top countries that searched our English Wikipedia the United Kingdom followed by India, Canada, and finally Australia.

Now, please cue NBC's 'The More You Know' graphic and happy searching in 2024.

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