It's almost time for this weeks Powerball drawing and it's a big one. I mean a really, really, really big one.

If you match all 6 numbers tonight, your little paper ticket will be worth $321 million dollars!  That's right, the jackpot has carried over the last few weeks making this a huge prize for some lucky person.

I asked a few people at the gas station what they would do with the cash. Bill from Anamosa told me, "Jimmy, I'd give everyone in my town $5,000. I would want to share my winnings with the whole city if my ticket is the winner!"

Ted from Marion told me, "If I win, I'm quitting my job. I already have my resignation letter written and I'd tell my boss he blows and I'd walk out."

Susie from Cedar Rapids said, "If I win, I'm throwing a huge keg party at the U.S. Cellular Center with FREE beer  and live music from Vilolent Intent!"

The drawing is tonight at 9:59. I sure hope someone from Iowa wins.

Good're gonna need it.


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