You had me at Buttercow.

Tom E. Gunn
Tom E. Gunn

Well, Iowa, I experienced my first Iowa State fair, and I must family and I had an awesome visit!

My girlfriend, the 3-year-old, and I drove the 90 or so minutes from Tiffin to Des Moines on Saturday to check out, what we were told was, one of the biggest and most attended state fairs in the country. Keep in mind, our hometown is the setting for the Louisiana State Fair, so driving 100 miles to go to big carnival was a little out of the ordinary for us, but we wanted the experience.

When we got thru the gates, we were inundated by the sights and smells of the fair.

So much food... so little time.

We ate, we walked, we ate, we put the little guy on rides, we saw a cow made out of butter, we ate... what more could we have possibly wanted on our first time there? I can tell you...not much.

Of course we learned that, next year, we will plan out the trip a little better so we can see more of the exhibits and concerts, but for our fist go around on a fairly spontaneous trip, I think we got more than our money's worth, and we can't wait to go back next year!!

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