The day is finally here, it's International Cat Day!

We celebrate this special day every year on August 8th. It's a day that we pay tribute to our feline friends and give them a little love and attention! I can't believe I'm writing this blog right now....I've hit rock bottom.

I have a cat, he's in the photo above. This little guy ended up in my home by default. I'll save that story for another day. But after three years now, I'd say we're pretty good friends. (Even thought he would never admit that)

cat day

I'm not a "crazy cat guy," but he has been a pretty good pet. Studies show having a cat can help to lower stress, anxiety and depression. They can also be quite entertaining when you put scotch tape on their paws.

I love all animals, especially dogs. But I'm not home enough to take care of a dog, so a cat is perfect. As long as I clean the litter box and he has food, nobody gets hurt.

So if you have a cat, give him a hug today and an extra saucer of milk.

After all, it's International Cat Day!

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