Happy International Cat Day!

It's the purrrrfect day to celebrate your pawesome best feline friend! August 8th is also known as International Cat Day, not to be confused with National Cat Day, which is celebrated on October 29th. Don't worry, we will be celebrating both holidays. We love any excuse to make you send us photos of your pets!

According to Wikipedia, International Cat Day was first created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare as a way to "raise awareness for our feline friends and learn about ways to help and protect them." I think most people just use it as an excuse to show off their kitties on social media, which is totally fine with me!

A survey from National Today revealed that 44% of Americans own at least one cat. I would 100% be one of those people if I wasn't so darn allergic! The survey also concluded that 25% of cat owners say their cat is their best friend and that 64% of them would rather spend a quiet night alone with their cat than their significant other. Meow!

To celebrate today's holiday, we asked you to show us a photo of your cat... but not just any photo. If your cat had a Facebook page, what would their profile picture be? Here are some of our coworkers' entries:

  • Squeeks (Jaymz Larson)
Jaymz Larson
  • Cora (Brain)
  • Chance, Charlie, and Cole (Bob James)
Bob James
Bob James
Bob James

Here are a few of our favorite listener submissions from Facebook: