Fun fact - office trivia right off the bat, Iowa has 947 incorporated Iowa cities. Of them, most residents live in urban areas (roughly 64% of our state's population). That means, we have a lot of smaller cities and towns.

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So naturally, it begs the question how many have you heard of - or wilder yet, how many have you actually been to? Looking through the list I have below, I can say for me personally the answer is only one.

What about you? Keep scrolling to see our most tiny and obscure towns.

Before we jump in, I used the 2020 census, when possible. For some towns, I could only find 2010 census info, so there may have been a slight gain or loss in population for these cities.

You will also notice most of the towns are in Dubuque and Keokuk Counties. Also, many of these towns popped up in the late 1800s with the railroad boom, and others are on a river, which is where many of our cities were born.

A unique slice of both Iowa trivia, and Iowa history, these towns are certainly obscure. They're too obscure and small to be a random city a movie or TV character hails from.

They're too obscure for any major corporate entity to open an office in.

They're certainly too obscure to have a major tourist attraction.

But that's what makes 'em unique in this case. So, let's take a look at Iowa's tiniest and most obscure towns.

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