There is a product that you've been using wrong you're using entirely wrong for, well, ever. In other words, I am about to blow your mind, my friend! And you, in turn, can blow someone else's mind.

Before we get much further, I will say, I only discovered this recently when I was on a Reddit thread about things people seem to use wrong/incorrectly. I was a lot of kitchen tools, products for women, and stuff that just didn't speak to me, personally.

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That is until I came across one genius who showed me something I'd been missing out on my whole life. Something that blew me away...

I am a fan of those tiny, surgery little mints known as Tic Tacs. I wouldn't say I'm addicted, but I also wouldn't say there is ever a day I don't have a bunch of 'em at my desk. Case and point, today.

Johnny Marks/TSM
Johnny Marks/TSM

So what I wanted to show you, was just how WRONG we've all been going about extracting a tiny Tic Tac (or ten) from its box home.

Most folks will tap, twist, or shake the box with one hand over an open second hand. But believe it or not, this is not how the gods of Tic Tacs want you to pluck one of their tiny mints. In fact, even the good people at Wiki How get this completely wrong.

You simply want to turn the plastic box on its side and allow a mint to slide its way out into the perfectly designed slot on the plastic top. Observe:

Johnny Marks/TSM
Johnny Marks/TSM

Pretty crazy, huh? That rectangular, almost pool-shaped plastic lip is designed to help you get a Tic Tac out, sans shaking and fussing.

As if that wasn't enough, I also discovered another handy way to pop a Tic Tac out quite accidentally.

I hope your mind has been sufficiently blown. Kaboom, you're welcome!

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