Football season is here! 2 weeks in and as usual, while a few patient fan bases are letting it play out, the rest of us are either overzealously planning Super Bowl trips or throwing in the towel.

As tough as it is being a Chicago Bears fan, it has to be even harder to be a fan of the team whose stadium has the cheapest beer according to a new survey. The point is, they really need it.

This team is trying really hard to improve but they have been a laughing stock for several years, or rather decades so it's maybe no wonder why their stadium has the cheapest beer in the NFL.

I say cheap, relatively speaking because one drink at a Detroit Lions game is $6.25...which actually has them in a three-way tie with the Falcons and Jets. All of these teams deserve the right to drown their misery in the cheapest alcohol possible but it's not like my Bears are that far behind.

If you're wondering who has the most expensive beer in the NFL, it's the working-class Philadelphia Eagles.

Here's a list of where other teams are at:

  • $14.67: Eagles
  • $13.75: Rams, Chargers
  • $12.00: Raiders
  • $11.50: 49ers, Saints, Jaguars
  • $11.00: Dolphins, Giants, Commanders
  • $10.50: Titans, Seahawks, Panthers
  • $9.50: Cowboys, Packers
  • $9.29: Steelers
  • $8.80: Bears, Bills
  • $8.63: Buccaneers
  • $8.50: Chiefs
  • $8.40: Patriots
  • $8.13: Ravens, Browns, Cardinals
  • $8.00: Texans, Vikings, Colts
  • $7.50: Broncos
  • $6.59: Bengals
  • $6.25: Lions, Falcons, Jets

This survey was compiled by the website Food and Wine.

If we're talking about the cheapest overall gameday experience, that goes to the Arizona Cardinals. added together the cost of 4 tickets, parking, 2 16-oz. beers, 2 20-oz. sodas, and 4 hot dogs to make Arizona the "winner" at $228.05.  The most expensive is the San Francisco 49ers, at $1,028.34.

Here's where our common midwest favorites tallied:

  • Kansas City Chiefs: $819.20
  • Chicago Bears: $599.90
  • Green Bay Packers: $584.20
  • NFL Average: $536.77
  • Detroit Lions: $393.20 (oddly low, considering the aforementioned beer tab but, OK. They must also practically give away tickets to get people there...)
  • Minnesota Vikings: $358.44
  • Indianapolis Colts: $301.00

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