Everyone likes to mock athletes for being stupid. There's a reason that the "dumb jock" stereotype is so prevalent, and in the case of St. Louis Los Angeles Rams defensive end William Hayes, he's not doing anything to shoot down that stereotype.

The Rams are this year's subject of the HBO show Hard Knocks, and in a recent episode it was revealed that Hayes was super excited about the team's move from Missouri to California, because it meant that he'd be "closer to mermaids."  But the insanity doesn't end there, because Hayes stated that he also doesn't believe in dinosaurs, because no one has ever seen one in real life.

So let's break this down. He believes in something that no one has ever seen before, but doesn't believe in something that, while no one has actually seen one, evidence exists all over the place that they were real. Got it.

Check out the clip below.  It seems like a parody it's so unbelievable!