There's a building in Cedar Rapids that has been known to be haunted for a very long time. The address is 821 3rd Avenue Southeast. The building has had numerous tenants, ranging from a fancy restaurant to a funeral parlor!

It's now home to a new restaurant called Moniker 86. The folks running the place are very aware this building could be haunted and they've even seen and heard a few things in the short time they've been at the property.

I know the owner of the building, he's told me several stories of some crazy events that have happened over the years. Shadows, lights turning off and on, weird noises and even doors slamming.

I've decided to check the place out for myself. I plan to visit the property next week and do a little "ghost hunting" of my own. I'll be honest, I'm not really excited to do this. I get scared very easily and I'm a little worried about what I may see or feel when I make my visit!

I plan to bring a camera crew to document the adventure. I just hope we don't upset any of the "residents" of this old building.

Stay tuned!


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