We've featured so many animals on our Furry Friday segment and helped a lot of them get adopted in 2018. Now that it's 2019, we want to find even more animals homes!

We work with several area shelters including Last Hope Animals Rescue, Dogs Forever, and Safe Haven of Iowa County. There are still dogs from last year that we've featured that are sadly still looking for their forever homes. See their stories and find out how you can adopt them below.



    Leo has been featured on Furry Friday several times and is still looking for a home. He is a large Collie/ Great Pyrenees mix who doesn't know how big he is. He LOVES having all of your attention and is very active. A family where's he's the only pet (aka center of attention) is best. He gets along great with kids, but a home with bigger kids is ideal considering Leo's big size. He loves to run and play and enjoys chewing on tennis balls. If you're interested in this sweet boy, he is currently at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids.

  • Danielle


    We first met Dinah in December of 2017 and sadly she's still at Last Hope Animal Rescue awaiting a home. She's a pit bull mix who was rescued from Houston, TX during the flood. She's a wiggly little thing and is super sweet.

  • Danielle


    She is a bulldog mix and is between 2 and 3-years-old. She's a happy, wiggly little thing who likes butt scratches (according to Courtlin). Scarlett is available for adoption and you can see her at Dogs Forever.

  • TSM


    Lucy is a Belgian Malinois Shepherd mix who is gentle and loving. Lucy would love to be the only dog in the home and she also doesn't get along so well with cats (like a true canine). Also, having a large fenced-in yard would be a plus because Lucy is a larger, active dog. She was so well behaved for us and even sat and shook hands/paws on command! If you'd like to make Lucy a member of your family you can find out more about her at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids!

  • TSM


    Allie is a 7-year-old pit bull and she's been through a lot. She was rescued from Orlando, Florida and has currently been in foster housing here in Cedar Rapids. Allie immediately made friends with everyone when she visited. She wagged her way around the room giving out kisses. She was also very well behaved, sitting on command for some treats. Allie would like to be the only dog and does best with older children. If she sounds like a fit for your family, contact our friends at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids. You'll have a new snuggle buddy!

  • Courtlin


    Fargo is a two-year-old pit that has had a rough start to his life. To give you an idea, he faced some physical abuse that can be seen by the lack of his ears. But that doesn't stop Fargo from being a total sweetheart. He was a little timid at first, but he warmed right up. He even broke in the carpet in the studio with a major back scratching session!

    Fargo would be best as the only dog in his new home but gets along with everyone. Give this dog with a rough past a bright future. He really is a sweetheart. Fargo is available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids.

  • adopthope.org


    Kaia was put up for adoption when her previous owner met someone who didn't like dogs. Who wouldn't like this sweet girl!? She is a pit bull mix that's full of energy and would be perfect for an active family that can take her on walks. She would do best in a home with older kids, simply because of her size and strength. She's a snuggler that would make an excellent friend. Kaia is up for adoption through Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids.



    Carew is a pit bull with a beautiful white face. She is loving, affectionate and loves cookie treats! She is well behaved and would do best in a home with no cats. She is also slightly dog selective and may do best if she is the only dog in the house. If you want to find out more about Carew just contact Last Hope Animal Shelter in Cedar Rapids.



    Dutch is a three-year-old hound dog who is energetic and active! Dutch gets along with other dogs but would not do well in a home with cats. He is nice, gentle, and would definitely do best in a home with active individuals. He loves to be outside and go for walks and runs. You can found out how to adopt him at Safe Haven of Iowa County.

  • Courtlin


    Princess is definitely a people dog (despite her uppity name). She loves everyone! She is a pit bull mix that's just over a year old and weighs in around 40 pounds. She loves people, gets along with other dogs, AND gets along with cats! If you want to live with royalty, Princess is up for adoption at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids.

  • wesavepets.com


    The last pet featured is NOT of canine origin. It's a cat! Balboa is a young, friendly tuxedo cat who is pretty easy-going. He is over a year old, but still acts like a kitten and loves to explore. He crawled into our console in the studio and we had to pull him out...which he was totally cool with. He's healthy, micro-chipped and ready to go to a new home. Find out more about how to adopt Balboa at Safe Haven of Iowa County.