It's hard for me to believe that the internet has actually ranked all of Santa's reindeer. I didn't even realize there was enough information out there about these characters to be ranked.

Now It's time to see if your favorite reindeer is actually the worst one according to the internet. This list looks at the core 9 reindeer. We got our list from a few sources. Like Sass, Scaredwall, and et.

Dead Last: Cupid

Apparently this reindeer is always in the bottom 3, except in one list where they are still in the bottom 5. Words like "average" "jealous" and "lazy" are used to describe them.

8. Dasher

Most sites compare Dasher to the kid in class who reminds the teacher to assign everyone homework. Dasher is the fastest of all the reindeer, but the words used to describe them are "Cocky" and "Teacher's pet"

7. Donner

He is the reindeer who takes his duties very seriously, which is great, but the words used to describe him are "old" "out of touch" and "judgmental."

6. Blitzen

While some see Blitzen as a true leader he's also seen as one of Rudolph's main antagonizes. Words used to describe him go from "king" to "Rude" all the way down to "Jealous" It's hard to get a read on Blitzen.

5. Comet

While he is the apparently the smartest member of Santa’s sleigh team, no one really loves him. His key words are "mean" and "pretentious"

4. Vixen

She’s talented, smart, and the second-youngest of the reindeer, most people like this one, with words used to describe her like "strong" the worst word being "immature"

3. Rudolph

Hate him or love him he's the most famous of them all. Key words are "kind" "immature" and "annoying"

2. Prancer

No one really has an opinion on this guy. Nothing against him. Key words being "lovable" and "boring"

1. Dancer

People love dancer because he is "real" and "knows himself."

After my deep dive into reindeer lore I learned something, there is 0 consistency of reindeer back stories on the internet. All the stories, and statistics were mixed up, flat out made up, and just random. The lore of Santa's reindeer is truly insane and I encourage you not to take it to seriously like I did, you just may go insane.

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