There goes my career! "Corporate Confidential" by Cynthia Shapiro discusses the "Deadliest Workplace Sins". If you can't get your hands on the book  here's a summary.


  • Making Yourself Too Much At Home

    Look, most of us would rather be home than at work if given the choice, but if you value your paycheck enough to make a comfortable home to go to, you'll need to separate the two. It's fine to decorate your office or cubicle with personal mementos or photos, just don't go overboard.

  • Working too Much Overtime

    Huh? Yes, working late is often necessary and productive, however, it also sometimes creates the appearance that you can't manage your time. Clock out at 5 and don't look back. Until tomorrow.

  • Being "Too Popular"

    Well, looks like I'm in trouble ;-). But seriously, the book says that too many friends in the workplace means too much of your personal life being shared. Bosses might see this as an unnecessary distraction. Lack of a backbone might make you appear too easy to take advantage of, thus you'll potentially miss out on rewards, promotions and raises. Need we dive into the murky waters of "sucking up"?