Dessert, anyone?

A new survey from Google Trends has revealed the most popular recipe in each state, and the choice for Iowa is definitely not what I expected. What recipe are Iowans googling the most? No, it's not a tenderloin or something involving corn, it's actually frosting!

Most Popular Recipes By State According To Google Trends
via Cash Net USA

Apparently, we LOVE homemade frosting here in Iowa! And we're not alone because Arizona also Google-searched "frosting" more than any other recipe. Most of the time, I just do store-bought frosting because it's easier, but I always make my own for sugar cookies (just milk and powdered sugar!). Here are a few of the other winners here in the Midwest:

  • Illinois - Cookies
  • Missouri - Smoothies
  • Nebraska - Apple Pie
  • South Dakota - Prime Rib
  • Minnesota - Shortcake
  • Wisconsin - Caramel

Do you have a favorite frosting recipe? Share yours in the comments!

[Via Thrillist]