If you like to run, then you probably have a pre-race ritual. Maybe it's having a healthy breakfast. Perhaps it's listening to a certain song. We aren't here to change that. But we have your POST race routine all set to go!

After you run in the Insane Inflatable 5K presented by GoDaddy on June 11th, you can cool things off with beer from Travelers and Coors Light, courtesy of Fleck Sales. Nothing says 'I just ran/walked/crawled my way through a 5K' than an ice cold beer! Plus, the folks at Hawkeye Downs will be serving up some of their world famous concessions for you to mow down after your race!

So don't think that the fun is over after the race ends! Stick around and celebrate your run and share stories from your favorite inflatables over an ice cold Travelers or Coors Light! Waves are filling up quick! Sign up for our Insane Inflatable 5K today!