Winter driving in Iowa is a contact sport. But the less contact you have with these five types of winter drivers, the better off you'll be. So take a deep breath, and take it easy out there.


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    Nervous Nancy

    Nervous Nancy is the Iowa winter driver who should just stay home and order a pizza to be delivered. Nancy is a white knuckled old lady who slowly crawls down the center lane fearful of every little slip and slide. She rides the brake, and is more worried about whats going on behind her in the rear view mirror than traffic that is piling up ahead of her.

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    Literally Larry

    He drives exactly 55 mph, the legal speed limit through the S curve on I-380 because he doesn’t want to get a ticket. He literally doesn't care if he's in the far left lane and slowing down everyone else behind him. He's no law-breaker, and comes to a complete stop at all intersections. You won't catch him slow rolling through a stop sign.

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    Tailgating Tammy

    It's not her fault. She doesn’t realize that she’s speeding up behind you too closely, until it’s nearly too late. Then she’s pissed because you’re going too slow for her. Never mind if your bald tires are already causing you to fishtail and you're going as fast as you safely can. She wants to get where she’s going and you are in her way.

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    Patrick Politeness.

    Patrick loves to travel alongside you - one lane over, but always behind you in your blind spot. He must think of himself as your guardian angel driving so closely next to you. But his actions are more likely to send you to meet your maker. If you forget he's there and try to change lanes, he blares on the horn and gives you the finger.

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    Road Rage Roger

    Hes the one who always goes too fast for weather conditions - but that’s because he has a huge Suburban with 4 wheel drive, snow tires with chains, and a towing wench. He speeds past everyone and thinks he’s the best and safest driver out there. But his aggressive moves leaves others to spin out in the ditch behind him.

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