They were created to reduce traffic and conserve energy. Studies prove they do just that. Running a course through an intersection without the need to stop unnecessarily, or to wait out long boring traffic lights. Fluid. Very European. And confusing...

The Classic Rock band "YES"  even wrote a song about the dreaded... ROUNDABOUT!

Most drivers fear them. Some will simply drive an alternate route to avoid them completely.

The roundabout trend has arrived in the Corridor, and Marion is bravely leading the way.

The sometimes confusing, circular drive thru at 29th Avenue and 35th Street in Marion is challenging those who travel the path regularly. It is a path to overcoming their inhibitions, so they pull up and merge in!

Another roundabout in Marion at 7th and 7th has been taking some getting used to as well.

Once you get used to how the roundabout system works, you'll begin to feel like an old pro. The problems are those of your fellow drivers, many of whom never quite seem to figure it out! One simple rule to remember, as shown in the City of Marion provided map titled 'How Do I Drive the 7th Avenue/7th Street Roundabout?' is to always look and yield to your left.

Click here for a quick guide that will help you navigate your way through any roundabout no matter how many lanes it has.

Remember the idea is to slow down, and only STOP if/when necessary.

And early Sunday mornings are a good time to practice...

[source: City of Marion]

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