Things got a little crazy on The KRNA Morning Show last week! Kristina Moneypenny and I took part in a breathalyzer experiment. That's right, we got drunk on the air. Having my first beer at 6:00 a.m. wasn't easy....I felt like I was at an Iowa tailgate party!

I found out VERY quickly that it doesn't take much to be over the legal limit. When I took my third breathalyzer that morning, I didn't feel that drunk. When the officer informed me I blew over, I was very surprised! It made me realize that even after A FEW drinks you can be over the limit.

Drinking and driving is a serious problem here in Iowa. If you plan to enjoy a couple of adult beverages, have a designated driver. It's WAY to easy in 2017. We have Uber, Lyft, cabs, limos and the even the city bus. Pick one and get home safe. It just not worth it to get busted for drunk driving.

I want to thank the Cedar Rapids Police Department for helping us out. The officers provided some great information to our listeners. I also need to thank Rick from Diamond Limousines. He gave us a very safe and classy ride home that day!

We didn't shoot much video, but here's a few clips in a music montage from the experiment.

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